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Greetings From Jim Dennis

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plus, Ted T’so replies. qbub-3724340QUESTION –or– Selecting a Lotus Notes Platform qbub-3724340« telnetd connected: » But No « login » Prompt qbub-3724340A Staging Server –or– Staging Server on localhost qbub-3724340CDR used in scsi emulation –or– Mounting CDs on IDE CDRW Drives

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bbubble-2844488Greetings from Jim Dennis

I was working on a long, involved, probably tasty message to use for my greetings this month. Unfortunately, it’s long, involved, and I think I want to rearrange it a bit, but don’t have a lot of time because we’re heading down to L.A. to be with family — specifically, a science fiction convention we attend every year.

So, I’ll aim for something less lofty. I’m finally getting a chance to work a bit with my new improved workstation, and I must say I’m quite pleased with console-apt (a curses interface for Debian’s « apt » package manager). We still have quite a mixed bag of distributions around the house though. I think I might write an article comparing the various package management styles available. I may or may not focus only on Linux for that.

Sadly I get to spend even more time in Arizona after I get back. Most people would call me crazy, but I like it a bit better when it’s gray and rainy — reminds me of my youth in Oregon.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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