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Greetings From Jim Dennis

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bbubble-6451604Greetings from Jim Dennis

I’ve been thinking about Linux. And about those penguins. Need a better mascot. Cats. Cats are cute. Cats go everywhere. Except Antarctica. We’re smarter than that. But penguins – they live there. Hsss! Besides, penguins are birds. Birds are snacks. Cats have been on the internet far longer. Everyone knows lynx was one of the first hunters here. We already have three Linux disties anyway (BlueCat, BlackCat, and BluePoint). Cats are the purrrrrfect mascot for the new Linux.

Hmm. I had a pretty darn good blurb written up about cool new stuff in 2.4 (still in the pre phase right now) but when I came back to my chair after getting coffee, my cat had taken over the chair and was sitting there, purring innocently.

As I lack the time to do it over (again!) here you go. See you next month.

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