The Linux Tcl and Tk HOWTO

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This document describes the Linux approach to Tcl, a scripting langua ge. It is an easy to learn interpreted language that uses a typeless approach to achieve a higher level of programming and a rapid application development. The Tk toolkit is a programming environment for creating graphical user interf aces (GUI) under X Window System. Their capabilities include the possibility to extend and embed in other application, rapid development and ease of use. Toge ther, Tcl and Tk provide many benefits both to application developer and user. Tk-ba sed interfaces tend to be much more customizable and dynamic than those built with one of the C or C++ based toolkits. Tk implements the Motif look and feel. A great number of interesting X applications are implemented entirely in Tk, with no new application-specific commands at all.

1. Introduction

2. Tcl/Tk History

3. What is Tcl/Tk

  • 3.1 What is Tcl?
  • 3.2 What is Tk?
  • 3.3 Extensions
  • 3.4 Supported Platforms

4. Installing and getting started with Tcl and Tk

5. Just a little bit of Programming

  • 5.1 The one-minute program in Tcl

6. Scripting Language: pros and cons

7. Most Famous Programs using Tcl/Tk

8. References

9. Tcl/Tk License Terms

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