The Linux Tips HOWTO

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This HOWTO contains those hard to find hints and tweekings that make Linux a bit nicer.

1. Introduction

2. Short Tips

  • 2.1 Handy Syslog Trick Paul Anderson, Tips-HOWTO maintainer
  • 2.2 Script to view those compressed HOWTOs. Didier Juges,
  • 2.3 Is there enough free space??? Hans Zoebelein,
  • 2.4 Util to clean up your logfiles. Paul Anderson, Tips-HOWTO Maintainer>
  • 2.5 Handy Script to Clean Up Corefiles. Otto Hammersmith,
  • 2.6 Moving directories between filesystems. Alan Cox,
  • 2.7 Finding out which directories are the largest. Mick Ghazey,
  • 2.8 The Linux Gazette
  • 2.9 Pointer to patch for GNU Make 3.70 to change VPATH behavior.
  • 2.10 How do I stop my system from fscking on each reboot? Dale Lutz,
  • 2.11 How to avoid fscks caused by « device busy » at reboot time. Jon Tombs,
  • 2.12 How to find the biggest files on your hard-drive.
  • 2.13 How to print pages with a margin for hole punching. Mike Dickey,
  • 2.14 A way to search through trees of files for a particular regular expression.
  • 2.15 A script for cleaning up after programs that create autosave and backup files.
  • 2.16 How to find out what process is eating the most memory. Simon Amor,
  • 2.17 Rigging vi for C programming, Paul Anderson,Tips-HOWTO Maintainer
  • 2.18 Using ctags to ease programming.
  • 2.19 Why does sendmail hang for 5 minutes on startup with RedHat? Paul Anderson,
  • 2.20 How do I configure RedHat for using color-ls? Paul Anderson,
  • 2.21 How do I find which library in /usr/lib holds a certain function? Pawel Veselow,
  • 2.22 I compiled a small test program in C, but when I run it, I get no output!
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3. Detailed Tips

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