Visible bell mini-Howto: Spekearectomy

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Speakerectomy is by far the most brilliant solution to the audible bell problem. It is the simplest way to remove beeps, though some additional notes are worth.

PC’s are usually equipped with a silly switch to toggle the mainboard clock to a lower speed. The switch is completely unneeded when you work in a multitasking environment, and even its original function to slow down old dos games based on software-loop delays is no more used. Unfortunately we can’t use the switch to increase processor speed, but we can turn it in a speaker enable/disable toggle. It is nice when your computer beeps at you to signal the end of a lenghty compilation, even for those who prefer a silent console.

To modify the switch functionality, just detatch it from the main board and connect its wires in series with the loudspeaker. That’s all to it.

Owners of laptop boxes, unfortunately, don’t have easy access to the lousspeaker, and neither have a spare switch to turn to a different task. The preferred solution for such users is trying to configure their software to avoid beeping.

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